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  • 1.75 liter bottle of name-brand vodka doesn’t need to be the most expensive (70-90 proof)
  • 30 Grade B Madagascar Vanilla Beans


  1. Take a nip out of the vodka to make some space for the beans
  2. Cut the beans in half, I do not slice mine down the middle
  3. Drop right into the vodka bottle
  4. Put the top back on good and tight and give the bottle a mixhomemade-vanilla-extract 3
  5. Store your brewing extract in a cool dark place (mine is in a closet)
  6. Give your extract a bit of a turn every 1 to 2 days to keep the process moving a long
  7. Your extract is ready in 4 – 8 weeks, depending on our deep you want your color and flavoring. I find 6 weeks is great.
  8. This should make about 59 ounces of extract…depending on how much you nipped off the top.
  9. Now you’re ready to put your extract into individual bottles. You’ll need food-grade bottles and a small funnel. You can use the adorable bottles with corks but if you’re shipping you’ll want something that is spill proof. Just make sure your bottles are food-grade glass or plastic.
  10. You may want to run your extract through some cheese cloth to get out the bits of bean; but I leave mine as-is.

Recipe Notes

This is a simple and delicious homemade vanilla extract recipe that will have your taste buds thanking you. Good vanilla extract (aka not imitation) doesn’t come cheap. But it sure makes all the difference in your baking and other recipes.

What truly makes this vanilla extract standout is the Madagascar beans. These beans give the extract a warm, creamy flavor. But don’t let that keep you from trying other varieties for a more exotic spin.

Simple and Delicious Homemade Vanilla Extract Recipe |by ImperfectlyHappy.com

Homemade Vanilla Extract
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